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My Story

Hey! I am Kjersty but everyone calls me KJ. I have been a lover of Scentsy for about 10 years! I decided to join just to get a little money back on the products that I was buying anyway.
Never thinking I would ever really doing anything past 4 months when I would cancel for "not selling anything"

But then I fell in love with the community. I fell in love with having something that was just for me. It wasn't about me being a mom, it wasn't for a specific reason. I for the first time felt I was once again more than just a Wife and Mother. That I was more, sure I worked in a pathology office so I have that "job" but there I am just an employee falling in line. With Scentsy it truly just felt different, I felt great accomplishment, I felt I had something I could share with the world and also be able to help others who wanted to give this a try to. I got to be a teacher/ leader/ helper which brings my heart more joy than it probably should.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, even if we do not always know what that reason is right away. 13 months after joining Scentsy - When none of my family thought I would ever do anything like this, let alone stick around and love it, The world shut down thanks to Covid 19. Only a short 13 months almost to the day after I clicked Join. My whole world got turned upside down, I was laid off not able to make money, and unemployment was a mess due to the number of people who was laid off all at one time. This meant ZERO money was coming in- Other than my Scentsy pay. This little side gig is what kept food on the table and the lights on. It kept us swimming with our heads above water. I ended up being laid off for a year and a half! Thank goodness I had my little Wax and Warmer business!

I went from someone who truly just wanted their home to smell amazing 100% of the time but was terrible about blowing out the candle, I can not even count how many times we came home and a candle was still going, always ended in a glare from my husband.
To then becoming someone who not only never has to worry about leaving that candle burning because I leave my warmers going 24/7 and also being able to share my passion for all things smell good with all my friends and family !
The best feeling is when a customer becomes a friend to then become family! That is such a precious cycle !

Because of Scentsy I have been able to travel the world for FREE simply for working my business daily from phone, Yes even those days I don't want to! A simple 15-20 min a day goes a long way! My very first trip I earned was a TOP 50 trip ( yes top 50 of the company ) to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada! Me and my husband had to get passports because we had never even left the country before! But we was not done there- Next up was a Bermuda Cruise, Then a Trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado staying at the famous Broadmoor hotel, Then an Alaskan cruise followed by the most recent Caribbean Cruise taking us to the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Haiti on the at the time biggest cruise ship in the world Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas! Those are just the Incentive trips, I have also been able to go to Disney world in Orlando Florida for the first time to see the Scentsy sponsored flower expo, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City!

Talk about a dream turned reality! I still work full time, raise 3 children (2 of which have autism) have a husband and a very needy English Bulldog- But Scentsy is now a part of me that is not going anywhere! It is a great way to supplement income, something that is just for me that gives me a high sense of self worth, A way to travel the world, Meet new people and the opportunity to change the lives of those around me!

Trust me I never thought I would be here, But I am so grateful that I am! If this inspired you, I am only a message away!
Need Scent recommendations please message me at my business number 216-242-1236!
With love

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